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New Patient’s frequently asked acupuncture  questions (F.A.Qs.):

Acupuncture needle can be easily inserted into the hollow tube of a hypodermic needle.
Because of the slenderness of the needle, most patient’s compare the sensations to
“a mosquito bite”. A phenomenon referred to as “tehchi” occurs when energy is contacted.

1. How many Acupuncture treatments will I need?

Obviously, the number of treatments needed varies with different conditions and individuals.
Chronic problems generally require more treatments than acute ones.

2. What should I expect after treatment?

Many conditions may be alleviated very rapidly by the treatment.  However, some conditions
that have arisen over a course  of years will be relieved with slow ,steady progress.  After
treatment most people feel more energetic. Some people feel tired or sore in some Acupoints.
The Chinese Medicine doctors suggest that you rest, drink warm water and apply heat to sore areas.

New Patient’s frequently asked chiropratic questions (F.A.Qs.):

1. What is subluxation and how do you get them?

A subluxation occurs when an adjacent spinal bone irritates or chafes a spinal nerve. The
subluxation distorts the nerve messages sent between the brain and body. This can cause
unhealthy alterations to the functions of organs and tissues connected by the affected nerve.

Three most common causes of subluxation are:

1. Physical causes could include falls, accidents, improper posture, lifting and repetitive motions
2. Chemical causes include: pollution, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol
3. Emotional causes include: stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger etc.

An “adjustment” means the specific manipulation of vertebrae which have abnormal alignment
instruments, and consists of applying pressure to the areas of spine or bone that are not moving
properly within their normal range of motion.

2. Do adjustments hurt?

Under normal circumstances, adjustments don’t hurt. Some patients may experience  minor
discomfort or soreness in the first few adjustments.
This is due to body realignment.

3. Why is Chiropractic necessary when I’m not in pain?  

Pain is always the last symptom to surface. Our doctors of chiropractic are trained to detect early
signs of dysfunction. That’s why you may need Chiropractic care even before you experience
symptoms. We can correct the “problem” areas before they lead to greater dysfunction and pain.

4.  What is wellness care?

Once practiced members are experiencing new levels of health and well being, having reached
their goal of optimal health. We encourage members to get checked regularly to ensure relapses
does not occur. Just like your car. Regular maintenance care extends the life.
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