Dr. Harry Shao
Acupuncture and Chiropractic Services
10640 North College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN - 46280

Working trade shows and being on my feet without proper care.  After my first child began trying to walk, my back simply wouldn’t hold out.  I was in pain
all day everyday and nothing elevated it.  I had been in physical therapy for months without any relief and things only seemed to get worse.  I tried
massage, acupuncture, and different medicines.  I was at a point where just lifting my arms to eat was excruciating.  I was feeling hopeless and scared of
what the rest of my life was going to be like.  I am a very active Mom and not being able to lift my baby was devastating. It was an emotional and physical
battle every day. I heard of Dr. Harry during a visit to a Carmel Festival.  A woman told me that “Dr. Harry has a gift” – with that I decided to give him a try.
I have never let anyone adjust me, but in the first visit I knew that I trusted him.  He has done acupressure, acupuncture, cupping and chiropractic
adjustments. I had a very painful experience with acupuncture in the past and was a little weary.  With Dr. Harry I never felt any pain and after a few visits
I could tell that I was feeling better.  After 1 month of seeing him once a week I was feeling great and most of the time I am pain free.  I have since had
another child; Dr. Harry kept me feeling good during my pregnancy and after. I have not missed out on anything in my life as I had before I met Dr. Harry.  I
am grateful that I have found him; he truly has given me my life back, “Dr. Harry has a gift”!

Amy A.   MSW, LCSW.
Westfield, Indiana

In clinical practice Dr. Shao conducts himself conscientiously. Determined to understand and lessen suffering, he utilizes finely honed clinical skills. Dr.
Shao is frequently sought out for his patient in gentle style, confirmed by my own experience, conversation in the waiting room and by acquaintances
whom he has treated. He often treats difficult cases where conventional medical treatment has been infective or incomplete, requiring extra time and
professional investment. He has had success with individuals who have a history of psychological or physical trauma and are thus fearful or resistant to
treatment. His personal quality of trustworthiness and safety, coupled with his determination to help allow such patients to obtain successful results. Dr.
Shao has facilitated and supported my recovery from several injuries and from a chronic condition for which surgery was often recommended. My
daughter consistently requests treatment by Dr. Shao over other health care providers.

To describe Dr. Shao as a kind and caring doctor understates his compassion and dedication to patients and to his profession.

Dale K. , Retired Lutheran Chaplain
Rebecca K. , Retired Nurse Practitioner
Martinsville, Indiana

Dale and I had sought practitioners who were trained in more traditional oriental medicine. We have found Dr. Shao to be kind, humble, compassionate
and gifted beyond anyone we have seen in the past forty years. His ability to perceive, diagnose and treat us has been very accurate. His skills are truly
God Given!

Dana R. , Surgery Coordinator, Consultant/Trainer
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Harry was a direct referral from Dr. James Nicolai, an integrative Health Physician who spoke very highly of Dr. Harry’s caring nature and abilities as a
Chinese Medicine Doctor. Meeting Dr. Harry became a major turning point in my life. It will be difficult to tell you in just a letter how much he, as a
genuine caring individual, as well as, in my opinion, the best doctor I have ever come in contact with throughout my 43 years, has meant to me. He has
become my first avenue for health care; he has helped me on several occasions when conventional medicine did not.
Dr. Harry Shao
Acupuncture and Chiropractic Services
10640 North College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN - 46280
3950 S. Ridge Rd
McKinney, TX 75070