Dr. Harry Shao
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Ellen K. , Retired Senior Citizen
West Lafayette, Indiana  

Dr. Shao’s approach to my health problem was direct, informed, and professional. He almost immediately identified a probable cause for my problems and
suggested simple yet effective solutions, mostly special exercises.
From the beginning, I was positively impressed by Dr. Shao’s engaging, caring personality, and by his competence. He seemed to genuinely care about my
well-being. That initial impression was confirmed during our subsequent sessions. I am very satisfied with my decision to seek his expertise, since it enabled
me to avoid the alternative which would very likely have been surgical intervention.

Dennis F.,   Indianapolis
A.B., M.S.; Biologist/Chemist

When I made my first appointment to see Dr. Harry, several years ago, I was apprehensive about acupuncture and a little skeptical. However, I was in a lot
of pain from a hip injury and it was not responding to traditional western therapy. Consequently, I was willing to give Chinese medicine a try.

When I arrived for my appointment, Dr. Harry immediately put me at ease with his gentle bedside manner and calming voice. After an examination, he
described his diagnosis, outlined his treatment plan and explained what to expect at each stage of treatment.  After the treatment began, any remaining
skepticism disappeared and I was surprised to find there was very little pain. The healing progress, along with relief from pain, happened in stages just as
he had described in out first meeting. At the end of the treatment, my pain was completely gone and Dr. Harry gave me a number of preventative exercises
to help prevent reoccurrence of my injury and pain. He was very professional throughout the treatment and put me at ease from any concerns.

Since my first visits, I have returned for additional treatment and also have referred family members and friends to get treatment from Dr. Harry. His patient
demeanor and calming voice have remained unchanged since my first visits, as well as projecting genuine care and concern for his patients. His extensive
training in Chinese medicine, as well as American Chiropractic medicine, have given him a broad perspective and wider variety of treatment skills than
many acupuncturists. I feel that we are lucky to have Dr. Harry in the community.

I prefer going to Dr. Shao because he is so kind, caring and seems to always help so much. I have worked with others, but I am more comfortable with him
and end up healing faster. I have given his names to friends that also have a lot of injuries.

Andre D. , Attorney
Carmel, Indiana

I have been Harry’s patient off and on for nearly 7 years and have received unfailing good care from him. He has helped me enormously. My wife and one
daughter have also been well treated by him.


I was born with a fused neck and other “structural” back issues. I had spent years not taking care of my back properly, lifting weights, working trade shows
and being on my feet without proper care.  After my first child began trying to walk, my back simply wouldn’t hold out.  to get worse.  I tried massage,
acupuncture, and different medicines.  I was at a point where just lifting my arms to eat was excruciating.  I was feeling hopeless and scared of what the
rest of my life was going to be like.  I am a very active Mom and not being able to lift my baby was devastating. It was an emotional and physical battle
every day. I heard of Dr. Harry during a visit to a Carmel Festival.  A woman told me that “Dr. Harry has a gift” – with that I decided to give him a try. I have
never let anyone adjust me, but in the first visit I knew that I trusted him.  He has done acupressure, acupuncture, cupping and chiropractic adjustments. I
had a very painful experience with acupuncture in the past and was a little weary.  With Dr. Harry I never felt any pain and after a few visits I could tell that
I was feeling better.  After 1 month of seeing him once a week I was feeling great and most of the time I am pain free.  I have since had another child; Dr.
Harry kept me feeling found him; he truly has given me my life back, “Dr. Harry has a gift”!

I found Dr. Harry to be a very caring, gentle soul who went out of his way to make me feel safe and secure. He always treated me with great respect and
sheet on.
Dr. Harry Shao
Acupuncture and Chiropractic Services
10640 North College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN - 46280
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