Dr. Harry Shao
Acupuncture and Chiropractic
10640 North College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN - 46280

Alex Y. , M.D. Radiation Oncologist
Carmel, Indiana

As a patient of Harry, his diagnosis and treatment has been impressive. More importantly, he is carrying Physician whose concern for patients often
went beyond routine clinical care.

B.C  (RLS)

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve been able to accomplish in just six treatments what four different neurologists haven’t been able to do in
over 15 years, which is get to the root of the problems causing my severe restless legs syndrome (RLS). You have taught me so much about how
balance in my left/body can work for or against me, but your teachings have not been just have words you have demonstrate this belief through each
and every treatment. I have gone from sleeping only 1-2 hours a night before my RLS would make me to 5 solid hours last night. Thank you! You are
an amazing talented, kind and helpful.

Aaron (foot/leg pain)

I started going to Dr. Harry in August of 2013.  The first thing that told me this was different than going to see a regular doctor was the fact that he
actually talked to me for more than 2 minutes before rushing to tell me what pill I needed to take, or what stretch I needed to do, then scribble it
down and leave.  Most doctors focus on the surface issue, not the real CAUSE.  I am a prime example of this; I was told I had plantar fasciitis after a
30 second scan.  This was completely wrong.  Dr. Harry on the other hand spent almost 45 minutes with me on my initial visit.  He listened to how I
was feeling, what other doctors had told me, and then proceeded to ask more questions.  He wasn’t in a rush which made the appointment
meaningful and engaging.   After our discussion, he talked to me about trigger points and proceeded to touch three that were blocked by scar tissue
on me.  It was amazing!  The issue was not plantar  fasciitis at all, which I had been doing treatments on for 5 months.  After the first acupuncture
session, I felt results and pain subsiding.  With every session, the pain would dissipate a bit more until it was gone.  I highly recommend giving
acupuncture a try.  It addresses the issue physically and mentally, and is quite relaxing.

Gregory G. , Territory Manager.
Indianapolis, Indiana  

Dr. Shao seems to understand the pain I was suffering from. He always seemed to be in tune with myself and how my body was responding to the

Lynn R.

To know who I am you need to know where I've been. I've had a "problem" for almost three years and 12 doctors telling me  "live with it". I finally
came to see Dr. Harry. After only two visits I noticed a BIG difference and now I think I'm on the road to a full recovery.
Dr. Harry Shao
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